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Piercing At The Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow

Ear piercing- it’s a forever trend! Don’t you also crave for it? Of course, you would be. Beside the ritual and scientific beliefs, people love to get their ear/nose pierced to change their overall appearance and look classy! There are enormous options and styles of piercing, but the only that restricts people is the pain and side effects associated with it. But, thanks to technology, it is not a big issue anymore!

We, at The Velvet Skin Centre, provide safe and painless ear/nose piercing services in Delhi using the “most innovative aseptic technique” for ear piercing, i.e, the Inverness Piercing system. This system is gentle, quick and offer précised results to both men and women. In fact, it is a better option for ear piercing in case of kids, since they have sensitive skin and less pain tolerance power.

Our ear/nose piercing system is a complete package of everything required for an effective piercing. It includes a quality piercing stud in a sterilized cartridge, a hygienic cleansing swab, a disposable piercing instrument, silicon clutch, an antiseptic solution bottle and instrument sheet.

How We perform Ear and Nose piercing?

With highly advanced ear piercing equipment, our experts ensure that you experience a safe, virtually pain free ear (or nose) piercing in South Delhi. Firstly, the ear area that has to be pierced is cleaned using the alcohol swab from both the front and back side. Then, a mark is made on the ear with the Iodine based surgical marking pen, which is no longer than a pinhead. The sterile seal from the Inverness cassette is removed so as to take out the cartridge.

The ear piercing capsule is kept into the piercing instrument and placed around the ear such that the ear is in the slot of the capsule. The device is squeezed gently and slowly till the tip of the inner capsule comes in contact with the marked dot, and then grasped firmly to ensure that the earring goes completely through the ear and get attached to the safety clutch. The device is, at last, removed and you get beautifully pierced ear. Same procedure is used for nose and second ear piercing. To get the perks of this innovative ear piercing technique in Delhi/NCR, visit DermaClinix now!

What are the benefits of our Piercing technique?

Easy, Gentle & Quick: We use a hand pressurized instrument and not a spring loaded gun for ear piercing. So, the earring is not shot at, but is gently moved into the ear. It is quick, précised and noiseless, which make it certain that the person getting the piercing (including children) does not get panic and hurt.

Safe: The ear piercing at our clinic is safe; no infection will be experienced. Fully encapsulated sterile, hypoallergenic piercing earrings are packed in a cassette with individual compartments, ensuring that they do not lose their sterility until the gas permeable seal is not opened.

Precise results: For proper placement, an iodine based surgical marking pen is used to mark the spot on the ear before the piercing. Once done, the ear is kept between the gaps on the piercing instrument and palm pressure is applied gently. This enables the piercer to pin point the exact location where the piercing has to be done.

Less Healing Time:The average healing time for ear piercing is nearly 6 weeks. We recommend to follow proper eye piercing aftercare instructions to enjoy better results. We provide a bottle of antiseptic solution containing Benzalkonium Chloride, which does not sting, burn or chap the skin and thus, helps in proper healing.

Easy to Remove & Replace: We suggest the patients to stay with the same earring till the healing period, since the newly pierced ears are very sensitive. If you take out the earring during this time period, the hole may close or you may find it difficult to re-insert the earring. And for removing the earring, we recommend to wait for at least 24 hours. If you try to remove the earring just after the procedure, you might face mild bleeding.

Stylish & Comfortable: We have a vast collection of Inverness Piercing studs. That means you can choose the earring design as per your choice!

To know more about this innovative method of ear/nose piercing, get in touch with us!