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Medifacial Treatment in Lucknow

Our skin comprises two main layers, the epidermis and the Dermis. The epidermis is the layer responsible for the prevention of free-radical damage, i.e. from pollution, smoke, harmful bacteria etc.
A standard Facial only provides pampering and is not treating the skin. They also generally include harsh exfoliation, which strips the skin barrier and is unnecessary. Our cells regularly turn over and naturally fall away from the skin without needing forced exfoliation. Facial masks are applied and left on the skin, where they only sit on the surface. It means a standard facial gives only temporary results that generally only last a few days. The products only sit on the skin's surface and do not penetrate the Dermis, where our skin does the most healing and repairing. A standard facial is like taking a Panadol; it does not fix the problem; it simply masks it.
With Medi-Facials, the prescription strength (medical grade), natural ingredients which are exclusive to Doctors get the Dermis to fight all skin issues, such as acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc. Medi-facials also improve the tone, texture, and collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down ageing.
Medi-facials are personalised to each skin type, as all our skins are different and react differently. However, the results are compelling, long-term, and can be permanent if combined with appropriate prescription medical-grade homecare. Instead of rough exfoliation or a chemical peel, Medi-facials use natural prescription-strength ingredients to speed up cellular turnover, remove dead skin cells and correct the skin vacating a rejuvenated and healthy looking without compromising and damaging its protective barrier.


What is Medifacial Treatment

Medi-facials are medical-grade facials beyond what a normal salon facial can offer. These therapies are developed to treat exact skin conditions or diseases and are safe for nearly all skin types. Medi-facials are accomplished at a certified and professional dermatologist’s clinic using many machines and methods, including microcurrents, derma planing, photo rejuvenation, LED therapy, peels, microdermabrasion, and more.
They can help treat issues like dull, dry, and sagging skin. They can improve the skin and revive a youthful, radiant, and hydrated look. In addition, they can be according to resolve sun damage, pigmentation issues, and signs of ageing.

How Medifacial can be done:

The Velvet Skin Centre's revolutionary 3-in-1 Signature Facial is the safest way to maintain the youthful radiance of your skin and comprised the following steps:
Exfoliate. Oxygenate. Infuse.
Step 1: Exfoliation
It decreases the layer of dead cells using oxy pads.
Step 2: Oxygenation
It inflates the supply of natural oxygen to the skin.
Step 3: Nourishment
It provides serious skin nourishment by infusing revitalising nutrients.

Benefits of Medifacial

The benefits of a media-facial are aplenty. Generally, spa facials do not penetrate the skin deeply for an effective result. They are superficial. In media facials, devices like ultrasonics and misoperation are combined with nutraceuticals like vitamins, serums, chemical peels, and plant extracts to give promising and long-lasting results.
Within 48-72 hours, you can get healthy and hydrated skin. You can get long-term benefits from cell regeneration within 28 to 48 days. Other benefits of a Medi Facial are:

  • Tighter skin
  • Moisturized skin
  • Relaxed mood and decreased stress
  • Exfoliated, soft, and supple skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits
  • Reduction in aging signs
  • Smoothened skin texture
  • No downtime required
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Dos and Don’ts for Medifacial

    The following steps will help to ensure long-lasting results and maintenance of the result.

    • Stay Hydrated
      Medifacials support getting rid of poisons to reveal young and glowing skin. Maintaining the skin hydrated will help rinse out toxins and push the skin plump and radiant. Ensure at least eight glasses of water intake in a day. When hydrated, skin cells function effectively and efficiently by absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Add fresh fruits to your diet and keep the skin well moisturised.

    • Cleanse Gently
      Always opt for gentle soaps and face washes to wash the skin after the Medi facials to avoid any irritation or redness on skin. Very mild and gentle exfoliation after five days of the treatment. Do not be overzealous and only stick to mild skincare products.

    • Sun Protection
      Use proper SPF after the treatment. After Medi Facial, skin can become a little sensitive after treatments. Hence, it is advisable to apply sun protection of a minimum SPF of 50 religiously after treatment, whether inside or outside the house, whether on a sunny or rainy day.

    • Follow the Dermatologist’s Advice
      A grade home care routine is essential to boost the outcomes of Medi facials like adding vitamin C serum to a skincare routine will raise the glow and help keep the results for a longer duration. A dermatologist will give the best advice to design a skincare routine for personal skin problems to increase the results and improve the condition further. They will be capable of helping in knowledge h skincare ingredients used and when one can start using them.

    • Book the Next Appointment
      It helps to combat stress, ageing, and sun damage, so it is advisable to go for maintenance Medi Facial treatments. A skincare routine cannot help one maintain youthful skin; hence, Medi Facial recommended to book the next appointment as advised by the dermatologist.

    What are the don'ts to keep in mind after a Medi Facial?

    • Don't Visit Steam or Sauna
      Different Medi facials use different chemical peels, lasers or steam. Hence, seeing a sauna or steam room after treatment can lead to itch and redness and worsen the skin condition. Avoid going to the gym, exercising or floating after the therapies, as sweating can irritate the skin. So, it is recommended to avoid any such physical activity.

    • Do not Wax, Shave or Indulge in Parlour Activity
      Though when we get time, we choose to get it done all at the exact time, it is not advisable to undergo parlour treatment, including waxing, threading, shaving or bleaching or actual laser hair removal at the time as a Medi Facial treatment. Keeping the lowest gap of 5 to 7 days between any two antidotes is recommended.

    • Do Not Pick at the Skin
      When it evolves lovely to pick on the dry chips that can occur after treatment or a pair of blackheads and whiteheads left after the therapy but do not do that. As it can lead to wrath and scarring. Fix the follow-up appointment with the dermatologist to address any such issue. Use a good moisturiser and sun protection in case of dryness, as the dermatologist recommends.

    • Do not Apply Heavy Makeup
      Avoid putting on heavy makeup directly after treatments. At slightly, give it a time of 24 to 48 hours to let the skin breathe, and do not block the pores with coatings of makeup. Let the nutrients spike deep into the skin cells to let them work effectively.

    • Use at Home Peels or Retinols
      Medifacials can make the skin sensitive, so provide the skin time to recover and be peaceful for a week’s time after the treatment. Avoid retinol-based night creams, harsh ones, irritating ingredients, or home remedies. Instead, one can opt for face oils, moisturisers, or deep hydrating masks.

    What to expect after the Medifacial?

    Post Medifacial Effects:

    • Redness
      Having redness after midfacial is very normal. It is more common in treatments where manual extraction or squeezing of the skin happens. In case of slight skin rubbing, it can also lead to normal redness and generally subsides after a couple of hours to a day’s time.

    • Rosy Glow
      When a Medi Facial is processed, it initiates increased blood flow towards the face giving an instant rosy glow by furnishing oxygen and nutrients to the skin, making it friendly and youthful.

    • Breakouts
      Skin usually detoxifies after the Medi Facial, leading to increased breakouts. Skin gets rid of its toxins in the form of pimples or acne, giving one clearer skin.

    Getting a Medi Facial is a quick solution to address skin concerns, but skin maintenance after that is of utmost importance to achieve radiant, glowing and healthy skin. The right skincare routine needs to follow, to ensure the benefits and results of Medi facials are long-lasting! Always consult a dermatologist to choose the right Medi Facial to suit individual skin.

    Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!

    Risks Of MediFacial

    Mefi Facial is one of the most efficient skin treatments with minimal side effects. This treatment has no downtime and lets you get back to your routine as shortly as the procedure. If any, you might witness the following side effects of a Medi facial treatment,
    Mild redness and itching on the skin went quickly after Medi Facial. Hydra-Medi Facial treatment performed on an active rash or sunburn might aggravate it. Apart from these concerns, this treatment is fairly safe for any individual. It is also important to note that pregnant women shouldn’t undergo this procedure, and the aesthetician should be kept in the loop of all medical records to mark this as a safe activity. Similarly, if you are going for some other deep skin treatment, you should inform your doctor about it so there are no complications because of overlapping procedures.

    Cost of Medifacial in Lucknow, India

    Some factors impact Medi Facial Prices. The significant factors that affect the pricing are the expertise level of the skin specialist, the location, your skin needs, and the type of Medi Facial. For example, if we talk about Medi Facial treatment in Bangalore, it starts from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000. The cost may differ depending upon various factors. It would help if you had an expert skin specialist for the best results of Medi facial treatment. If you want to get the best Medi Facial in Lucknow, Dr Asma’s The Velvet Skin Centre is the right choice.

    Faq's of Laser Medi Facial

    What are Medi-facials?
    Medi-facials are skin expert-supervised facial treatments that handle specific skin problems. These facials use prescription-grade components to safely and gently treat aesthetic problems. Medi-facials are safe and fast and provide enduring results.

    What problems can Medi-facials treat?:
    Medi-facials address several aesthetic and dermatological conditions such as acne, signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, inflammation, and broken veins. For a clear answer, please speak to one of our professionals today.

    Are they safe during pregnancies or if I suffer from certain health conditions?:
    Medi-facials are safe during pregnancies and lactation. However, if you have any pre-existing conditions such as allergies or sensitivities, please inform our specialists.

    Is there any downtime post-treatment?:
    Medi-facials are quick and easy and pose zero downtime. These salon-based treatments can be a relaxing experience, and you will be ready to return to your routine immediately.