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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal in Lucknow

Have you got a tattoo from an age you have outgrown and no longer wish to sustain the ink on your body? You might be scrolling through the web to find ways to get rid of your ink within the confines of your home; this not only sounds crazy but can be detrimental to your skin. In addition, your tattoo removal requires more expertise than getting your tattoo in the first place. If you have gone through various methods and asked opinions from different people, but deciding on the treatment is an added stress, then let's just put the pressure on your doctor. They can help you to decide on the modality of treatment for your tattoo removal and give you an idea regarding the timeline of your treatment depending on the age, size and site of your tattoo.

We at "The Velvet skin Centre" offer safe and advanced Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Lucknow to get away with all your unwanted tattoos, done and driven by our experienced dermatologist.



Tattooing is the process of staining your skin. The pigments are deposited into the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, and these are large particles to be removed as such by the body's immune system, so they stay almost permanently on your skin. Tattoo removal aims to break down these pigments into smaller fragments so the body can find ways to remove them. Your tattoo can be removed by any method, including surgical removal, dermabrasion and lasers. Lasers are the most effective way to clear your tattoos.


You should have an idea of what happens during the procedure and what to expect after the procedure. Have realistic expectations, and do not dream of walking out of the clinic with the skin you initially had before you got your tattoo. This is too idealistic, and multiple laser treatments are required to remove the ink altogether. Some coloured tattoos are stubborn to any treatment, but technology is advancing, and now we have specific wavelengths of light beams to target even the more stubborn colours. Nevertheless, the colour of your tattoo may only fade, and you may get a cover-up tattoo if you need one. The silhouette of the original tattoo may remain, and the skin may appear hypopigmented or white for some time.

During the procedure, the doctor applies laser beams to the tattoo area. The high-intensity light beams target and fragments the ink particles and feed them to the body's immune system for it to remove them later. You should wear protective eye goggles during laser therapy. Although pain is subjective, your doctor may apply numbing cream before starting the procedure to reduce discomfort or pain. Your first treatment might only fade the ink, and it may take multiple sittings, each a definite duration apart, to get the desired benefits from the procedure. Your skin may also feel red and irritated for a few days. Sometimes, laser therapy could also leave your skin scarred or hyperpigmented. In addition, blisters may appear on your skin and may need the attention of your dermatologist to deal with the same.


  • To obtain optimum results from the treatment, you should religiously follow the aftercare routine.
  • apply sunscreen on the laser-applied area every time you go out into the sun
  • apply bandage for a week or so onto the treated skin area
  • use antibiotic ointments as prescribed by your doctor
  • you could apply ice packs to reduce the irritation

IS LASER TATTOO REMOVAL SAFE?: Laser tattoo removal is safe as long as the process is undertaken by an experienced dermatologist. We offer the best laser treatment for tattoo removal in Lucknow and ensure that it is done by expert hands for better and safe results. Your skin type plays a pivotal role in deciding the treatment outcome; whether your skin tends to blister or scar are important concerns to be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

HOW MANY LASER TREATMENTS DO I REQUIRE TO REMOVE MY TATTOO?: You may require multiple sittings, anywhere between 6 to 12 or even more, depending on the age of your tattoo, the pigments in it or simply the colour of your tattoo, the site and the size of the tattoo. Time should be allowed between sessions for your skin to heal better and for your body to digest and remove the ink particles. This also increases the overall efficiency of the treatment. So save some time and money before you walk into the thought of getting rid of your tattoo. A minimum of two weeks should be allowed between each session.

WHAT ARE OTHER OPTIONS FOR REMOVING MY TATTOO?: Surgical removal and dermabrasion are other modalities. Surgical removal involves removing the tattooed skin and grafting the normal skin from another site of your body onto the raw area.
Dermabrasion is the process of scraping off the top layer of your skin and may not be as effective as other methods as the ink particles are deposited in the deeper layer of skin rather than the top layer.
No tattoo removal creams have been tested for their efficacy, and they cannot be relied upon as a method to remove your tattoos.