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Lip Blush / Permanent Lip Color

Lip Blush in Lucknow

If you are someone spending hours trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick or have tried and tested a bunch of home remedies for pink and smooth lips, then lip blush is for you.

Lip blush is the millennial way of getting closer to a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. It gives full, pouty, pink lips that can enhance your smile and overall confidence.


What is Lip Blush

Lip blush in Lucknow is a technique of staining your lips with red pigments. The procedure uses water-based pigments to create a natural pink-looking lip. The red-coloured pigments are deposited in layers in the lip after creating cuts with a needle. Numbing creams are applied prior to the procedure to make it more comfortable.

Lip liner and pink lipstick can now be omitted from your makeup routine as this gives an illusion of fuller-looking natural lips effortlessly.

What is the Process of Lip Blush

Unlike a regular tattoo that uses a syringe to deposit ink, lip blushing uses a tiny blade to cut your skin. Deposit Lip Blush Ink into each indentation.

“You can add a layer of colour at a time until you reach your expected results,” explains Dr Asma. “It’s typically done in numerous sessions until you get the desired results.”

A licensed tattoo artist or an esthetician usually performs lip blushing.

You described the pain level as minimal. A topical anaesthetic is typically applied for about 20 minutes to numb your lips. Then, the technician draws the shape of what you want.

You can enhance your cupid’s bow or make your lips more symmetrical. Often, the ink will be deposited into the sides of your lips, as those areas tend to lose their natural colour as you age. Your technician will walk through what they plan to do, and you can make any changes or adjustments before they begin.

After the procedure, which should take about an hour, you may experience swelling, redness and potential bruising.

You can use ice or a chilly compress to help reduce swelling. Avoid smoking, and if you have a history of cold sores, make sure you disclose that to your technician beforehand.

There’s a slight chance of an infection. Keep your lips clean, and don’t pick at any scabs. Make sure you follow whatever aftercare instructions you receive. It takes up to four weeks to notice the final results.

Benefits of Lip Blush

What causes someone to undergo lip blushing? First, the procedure offers benefits that are attractive to many people.

It’s convenient. If you always have colour on your lips, you don’t need to apply or reapply lipstick or blush daily. A lip colour that is always on can enhance your face and give you the put-together appearance that you may like.

It can complement your natural features. For example, lip blushing can enhance the shape of your lips and help them appear fuller and more symmetrical. The technician who applies the tattoo will usually create an outline around your lips first. This outline can help define areas where your natural lip colour has faded and make your lips look like a more defined and pronounced part of your face.

It can make you look more youthful. Thinning lips can affect some people as they age. A defined lip outline can provide a more youthful appearance.

Side Effects of Lip Blush

The chances of infection still exist as you use a needle to make cuts in the lips. Do not pick scabs or break the blisters, if any. Visit your doctor to discuss your concerns.

The lip may look swollen and red right after the procedure. This will subside later. You can use ice packs if needed.

The incidence of allergy to tattoo pigments has always been known, and it is more common with red pigments. So the chance of allergy cannot be completely ruled out.

Stick to the aftercare routine prescribed by the dermatologist in Lucknow for better and safer results

Lip Blush Cost in India

Lip blush in Lucknow, India, costs around 15,0000 to 25,000 rupees.

Is the procedure painful? Permanent lip uses the tattooing technique, and lips are the more sensitive area in your body, so you are likely to feel discomfort and pain. Small cuts are made in the lips to fill in the colour. But your best dermatologist in Lucknow ensures that the procedure is comfortable by using numbing cream for about 15 minutes prior to the procedure to make your lips less sensitive to pain.

How long does lip blush last?: It may take about two to three sessions to attain the desired look and may be repeated every two years as the pigments tend to fade over time, especially with prolonged sun exposure.

What is the cost of permanent lip Color/ lip blush?: Lip blush in Lucknow, India, costs around 15,0000 to 25,000 rupees.

Is lip blush or lip filler better for the look?: The two work independently and aim to achieve different looks.
Lip fillers are designed to give bigger-looking lips and cannot enhance the natural colour of your lips. However, lip blush gives natural pink and full-looking lips that can create an illusion of bigger lips but don’t exactly do the job of lip fillers. So if you want that big pout, go for lip fillers, but if you are trying to give a more natural look, you may try lip blush. Or maybe both depending on your current taste in looks. Remember, the possibilities are always endless.