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GFC Treatment

GFC Treatment in Lucknow

Restore lost hair and reduce hair loss! GFC hair loss treatment can thicken hair, strengthen the hair shaft, and stimulate growth. GFC stimulates the growth phase in hormonally challenged hair roots by using activated growth factors from your blood platelets.

We also recommend the GFC hair treatment or Growth Factor Concentrate procedure to get the most out of healthy hair. The therapy employs your blood to create a highly concentrated growth factor preparation that can be injected into the scalp and neck to promote hair growth. It is one of the most trusted dermatological procedures for hair restoration available today.

The GFC treatment for hair relies on obtaining several growth factors from your blood. These include platelet-derived growth factors, epidermal growth factors, insulin-like growth factors and even vascular endothelial growth factors. To administer this procedure, your dermatologist will,


GFC Treatment Process

  • Stop taking aspirin, blood thinners, and narcotics 48-72 hours before treatment.
  • Before your appointment, check with your doctor to see if any blood tests are required.
  • For 30-45 minutes, an anaesthetic cream is applied.
  • The patient's blood (approximately 10 mL) was collected in GFC tubes.
  • The centrifuge process activates the platelets and releases the Growth Factors.
  • Platelets separated from Growth Factors (GF).
  • The GFs are collected using a syringe (about 4-5 ml).
  • The GFs are then injected superficially into the scalp.
  • You may experience a tingling sensation as the cells are activated.
  • If necessary, apply ice or a cold compress to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications containing aspirin for three days following your procedure.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, swimming, sun exposure and heat exposure for at least two days after your treatment.
  • For the first three days, use pH-balanced shampoo.
  • Avoid using hair products for at least 6 hours following your treatment.
  • For three days following treatment, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water in the first week following your treatment.