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Charcoal Facial

Carbon Laser Facial in Lucknow

The Carbon Laser Facial or Charcoal Facial is a quick, painless procedure used to help skin appear better.
People with oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores are the main users. If you are starting to notice the symptoms of sun damage on your skin, this therapy is very helpful.
Not everyone should have a charcoal facial. We will discuss the advantages and efficacy of this process in this post so that you can decide if it is the best course of action for you.


What is Charcoal Facial Treatment

One of the best ways to deeply cleanse the face is with a carbon facial or carbon peel. A specific laser is used in conjunction with an activated charcoal cleansing mask to provide the desired results. The interaction between the high energy laser beam and the carbon nanoparticles of the charcoal mask produces cleansing at depths that topical cleanses can't achieve, earning it the nickname "Hollywood Peel" due to its appeal among A-list celebrities.

How Does It Work?

Based on the carbon nanoparticles' capacity to saturate deeply inside the skin pores, charcoal face masks provide therapeutic effects. The nanoparticles are excited when the laser is applied to the mask, causing them to "explode" and vaporise from the skin's surface. Excess oil, dirt, and other deep impurities are removed by this gentle ablation of the carbon particles, which also lifts deep material from within the pores.

The deeper dermal layers of the skin are also heated by the laser radiation in addition to deep pore cleaning, specifically killing the melanin-producing cells that give skin its colour. Reduced pigmentation and profound skin remodelling are both triggered by the destruction of these cells.

How Charcoal Facial or Carbon Laser Facial can be done:

Prior to having the operation done, be sure to schedule a consultation with your doctor or a qualified aesthetician. 

Prior to the laser carbon peel, your doctor may advise you to cease using retinoids for around a week. During this period, you should also use sunscreen every day.

The entire laser carbon face procedure, which consists of several steps, lasts about 30 minutes. Because of this, it is often known as a midday facial. 

Here’s what you can expect from a typical laser carbon Facial:

  • Your face will be covered with a layer of liquid carbon by your doctor. Deep within the pores, the carbon collects dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. li>
  • The liquid carbon needs to dry for ten minutes or such.li>
  • Your doctor will offer you eye shields to protect your eyes from the laser once the carbon has cured.
  • A low-energy laser, such as the Nd:YAG, will be used by your doctor to pass over the skin. The carbon becomes heated and adheres to the epidermis as a result.
  • Your doctor might advise omitting the heating stage if you have extremely sensitive skin or dark areas like melasma. Additionally, the laser heats subdermal tissue, promoting collagen and smoothing out fine wrinkles. 
  • The laser will be used to smash the liquid carbon into tiny pieces at a greater intensity level.
  • The liquid carbon will be more intensely broken up into tiny particles by the laser.
  • After treatment, your doctor might additionally slather your skin in a moisturising moisturiser and sunscreen.
  • You ought to see narrower pores and more radiant, shining skin right away.
  • A mild pinking or reddening of the skin may occur if you have sensitive skin. This typically lasts for no more than an hour.

    Benefits of Charcoal Facial

    The treatment leaves skin feeling tighter and more refreshed, with an even appearance in skin tone. However, a whole treatment plan, often requiring 4-6 sessions, must be successfully completed before the benefits of a carbon laser facial can be fully appreciated. Each session lasts about an hour, and it takes at least two to three weeks between sessions for the skin to recover.

    Dos and Don’ts for Charcoal Facial

    Do’s Before Facial
  • Before every facial, the skin must be examined to see whether it is suited for the treatment or not. Before getting a facial, those with sensitive skin should see a beautician.
  • The optimal time to perform facials to achieve good results is in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Don’ts Before Facial
  • Facial procedures should be avoided when we have acne. It could damage the skin and spread the zits.
  • Before a facial, we shouldn't go outside in the sun. If ultraviolet radiation hits the skin, the skin may reveal the effects after facial. We can even say that we shouldn't have a facial for a week after being in the sun.
  • Do’s After Facial
  • After a two-hour facial, we should wash our faces with cold water. We can wash our faces with cold water only if our skin is oily. Don't forget to avoid using soap or creams after your facial.
  • The homemade face wash can be used the following day or two days later. However, you should avoid using lime juice or any other chemicals. We can perform a cucumber and tomato facial after two days. So that we can experience the full effects of facials and have the most radiant skin possible.
  • By using body scrub and body polish treatments, we may get rid of the little pimples on the skin and nourish the entire body. Chemical procedures like home colouring and straightening should be avoided.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated.
  • Exfoliate weekly to prevent buildup.
  • Use a Vitamin C serum to protect skin from UV rays.
  • Don’ts After Facial
  • After a facial, wait eight hours before touching up your face. We can all avoid soap. The skin will be affected if pores are not closed after a facial and we apply cream or soap. And we can stay out of the scorching sun. On the first day before the party, avoid getting a facial or using any form of bleach.
  • We shouldn't use our fingers to rub our faces. As a result, the pores won't be able to close and won't be able to absorb the applied cosmetic ingredients.
  • After a facial, we shouldn't thread our eyebrows or use vapour treatments because the skin will be quite sensitive. We should give the skin some time to unwind.
  • After a facial, we shouldn't go outside in the sun for 2-4 hours. The objective of the facial is defeated if UV rays damage the skin and pores.
  • The chemicals may irritate skin or open wounds. Delay applying makeup for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Risks Of Charcoal Facial

    While activated charcoal might benefit those with oily or mixed skin, it can work against those with dry skin. It makes sense because activated charcoal is renowned for being absorbent rather than hydrating. Sebum, however, is absent from dry skin. A substance like activated charcoal will simply make the imbalance worse.
    If you choose to take activated charcoal pills or powder to clear your skin, be aware of any existing drugs you are taking. Because activated charcoal stops pharmaceuticals from entering the bloodstream, taking supplements could make your treatments ineffective.
    Cleansers and exfoliants are two skincare products that contain activated charcoal. However, it's frequently utilised in sheet masks and peel-off masks, both of which can harm your skin (which can be bad for the environment). In the part after this, we'll go into further detail.

    Carbon Laser Facial Cost in India

    A carbon laser facial typically costs between INR 3,000 and 5,000. It is significant to note that a carbon laser facial may cost differently depending on the city and clinic. This is due to the fact that the price varies depending on a number of variables, including the surgeon's experience, the clinic's success rate, the severity and extent of any skin complications, the patient's general and overall health, etc.

    Faq's of Laser Charcoal Facial

    What is a Carbon Peel?
    With little to no downtime, the Carbon Peel is a laser procedure that is completely painless. People with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and body or facial acne benefit greatly from it. It's a great technique to exfoliate and revitalise your skin, giving it an instantly fresh appearance and firmer, softer, smoother, and more comfortable feeling afterwards. The skin is covered with a film of liquid carbon, which seeps deep into the pores. The carbon atoms are very attracted to laser light. When the laser is applied to the region, the carbon is destroyed, and oil, pollutants, and dead skin cells are also taken with it.

    Do Carbon Peels hurt?:
    With the Carbon Laser Peel, there is no discomfort. You could feel some little tingling and warmth on your skin while the laser removes the small coating of carbon; this is typical.

    When will I see results from my Carbon Peel?:
    You shall be surprised by an instant brightening of your skin immediately after your 1st treatment. The results will continue to progress throughout your following treatments.